About Us

Õdyzzey represents a distinctive interpretation of the "Odyssey" concept, embodying the essence of "a prolonged and richly varied journey or adventure," which aligns with our core ethos. Recognizing the diverse experiences individuals encounter, we are dedicated to infusing moments of joy into the lives of our esteemed clientele through immersive sensory encounters.

At Õdyzzey, we stand as a beacon of luxury, beauty, and lifestyle excellence, with a foundation rooted in familial values. As a woman-owned enterprise, our inception was sparked by a vision to curate elegantly crafted products that harmonize seamlessly with the rhythms of daily life. Mindful sourcing and ethical production practices underscore our commitment to uplifting the South African economy. Every piece radiates handcrafted excellence fueled by passion and dedication.

Our product assortments are meticulously curated to embody organic purity, with a steadfast commitment to cruelty-free practices. We invite you to indulge in our products, where every interaction reflects our unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and luxury.


The genesis of our journey traces back to a woman in a semi-retired phase, seeking to imbue her time with purpose. Exploring the realm of beauty products, including soap making, lotions, and beyond, she found solace and fulfillment in her laboratory. Her creations, borne of passion and innovation, were generously shared with friends and family. What began as a personal pursuit evolved into a commitment to crafting bespoke formulations tailored to individual skin needs, sparked by the gratifying challenge of meeting specific requests.

Recognizing the burgeoning potential in her mother's endeavors, her eldest daughter, leveraging her expertise in marketing, photography, and design, proposed the formation of a company to elevate this shared passion.

An auspicious opportunity presented itself when an organization approached us, expressing interest in sponsoring our Cannabis Soap Bars for an event. Despite lacking a formal identity at the time, we enthusiastically embraced the opportunity, interpreting it as a catalyst to propel our ambitions forward.

Subsequently, the youngest daughter, equipped with qualifications in graphic design, joined our ranks. Her contributions span design conceptualization, strategic photography placement, and serving as our proficient printing specialist.


Õdyzzey is pronounced just liked Odyssey, but with the double Z's instead. 

Initially, the name "Reframe" was chosen to reflect our commitment to educating and altering perceptions regarding the beneficial properties of cannabis within the realm of health and beauty products. However, given that not all our offerings were infused with cannabis, we opted to reserve the name "Reframe" for our collection specifically centered around cannabis.

Reflecting on our collective journey, which saw a semi-retired woman and her two daughters embarking on the venture of starting a company together, the name "Journey" initially resonated with us. However, it felt somewhat inadequate. Eventually, the term "Odyssey" emerged, signifying a profound and adventurous experience. With a slight modification, we replaced the double S with double Z, culminating in our slogan "it's your journey."