Island Breeze Candle

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  • Our Grande 400ml Island Breeze Candle is beautifully scented with coconut and lime which is perfect for any season! The coconut hints at warm balmy beachy days, and the fresh lime carries it for any season.

    Nested in a frosted white candle jar giving the mood a very restored and happy tone

    Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, outdoor living and even reception areas.

  • BURN

    Candles have a memory...

    Not letting your candle burn all the way to the edges, will form a memory ring or a pool tunnel

    So our suggestion is: let your candle burn for atleast 2 hours on the first burn and allow the wax to melt from edge to edge, allowing the maximum use of your candle.


    Who actually cuts their wicks?...All we can say is... try it.

    Lets start with why... Trimming a candle wick down to 5mm can help prolong the life of your candle by as much as 25 percens and eliminates soot

    During the burning process, carbon builds up on the wicks. This is a normal process, however if you re-light a wick that has this carbon build up it can cause excess soot and heat. This yields a lower quality candle performance. (If you have ever noticed black smoke sticking to the sides of your glass candles in the past, this is why!)

  • We use a Soy and Coconut Blend Wax instead of paraffin wax. Soy wax candles are much healthier for humans, pets, and the environment and have a stronger scent profile than paraffin wax candles. The chemicals released by paraffin wax can interfere with the scent during burning, which defeats the point of lighting a candle.

    • 400ml
    • Frost White Candle Jar
    • Coconut and Soy Blend
    • High Quality Fragrance Oils
    • Natural Wood Lid
    • Lead-Free Cotton Wick
    • 40+ Hour Burn Time*